If you're already an accomplished Private Pilot and you want to take your flight training one step further our Modular Commercial Pilot's Course is for you! Your 9 to 5 office job doesn’t excite you anymore and you’re tired of flying the proverbial desk! This is the perfect time to push the throttles to the stops and earn your Commercial Pilot’s License with the Karachi Aero Club. Whether you want to fly for an airline, charter company or cargo carrier, we will provide you with world-class training to take your flying career to the next level.

The Karachi Aero Club has trained scores of pilots who have gone on to successful careers in the national flag carrier as well as private airlines, both foreign and domestic. A Commercial Pilot’s License will also allow you to attain a Flight Instructor’s rating in the future if you wish to teach others how to fly in order to give back some of the knowledge you’ve acquired.

Aeronautical Experience: 150 Hours

Exercise Flying Hours (Min Requirement) Logging Remarks
General Flying 70 P-1/P-3 At the discretion of CFI. P-1/P-3/Solo hours as required for the exercises.
Pilot in Command 45 P-1 May include any Excercise/Solo.
X-Country 20 P-1 Including X-Country with one solo cross country totaling not less than 300
NM in the course of which two full stop landings at different points shall be made. May include Solo.
Instrument 10 P-3 May include up to 5 hours on approved simulator.
Night 5 P-1 At least 05 take offs and 05 landings. May include Solo.
Total Hours 150 P-1/P-3 Excluding PPL hours.

Aeronautical Knowledge

In order to earn your Commercial Pilot’s License, the CAA will require demonstration of adequate knowledge in the following subjects in the written examinations:

  • Air Law
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Operational Procedures
  • Radiotelephony
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Principles of Flight

*This is the minimum number of hours required by the CAA to earn a Commercial Pilot’s License within an integrated course. Students who do not complete the course within the stipulated amount of time automatically go into a “Modular Course” category and will have to undergo additional flying training as per CAA requirements.

Commercial Pilot's License (Modular) Course Cost Estimate

Flight Training PKR 2,500,000 (Pay hourly as you fly)
Ground School & Student Kit PKR 244,000 (One time payment)
Club Membership PKR 25,000 (One time payment)
Monthly Subscription PKR 6,000 (Subscription for one year @ PKR 500 per month)
Security Deposit PKR 50,000 (Refundable at the time of course completion)
Total Estimated Cost PKR 2,775,000 (Excluding security deposit)
Description Amount Payment Schedule
Membership Fee PKR 25,000 One time. Due upon enrollment
Ground school & student kit PKR 244,000 One time. Due upon enrollment
Monthly Subscription PKR 500 Paid for 12 months at a time
Flying Deposit PKR 50,000 One time. Due upon enrollment. Refundable after course completion.
Flight Training PKR 2,500,000 Pay as you fly.
Aircraft Hourly Rate
Cessna 150 PKR 16,000 (Karachi Aero Club Members)
PKR 17,000 (Non-Members/Check Flights)
Cessna 152 PKR 16,000 (Karachi Aero Club Members)
PKR 17,000 (Non-Members/Check Flights)
Cessna 172 PKR 18,000 (Karachi Aero Club Members)
PKR 19,000 (Non-Members/Check Flights)

Flight Training costs are included in the estimated course cost. These rates are being published to help you further understand the breakdown of the Flight Training costs or for students who are required to fly extra hours based on CAA regulations. Rates are subject to change.

Getting your Commercial Pilot’s License

In order to begin training for your Commercial Pilot’s License at the Karachi Aero Club, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have an educational qualification of at least Intermediate, or the equivalent.
  • Be able to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language.
  • Obtain a Class 1 medical certificate from the CAA.
  • Hold a valid CAA Private Pilot’s License.
  • Pay the Membership, Ground School and Security deposit fee.

The Karachi Aero Club is the subcontinent’s oldest flying institution and provides only the most professional flight training available. While attending our club you will undergo world-class instruction so you get the most up-to-date aviation education available. Your experience at the Karachi Aero Club will include both in-flight training and ground school where you will learn about the fundamentals of flight, emergency operations, CAA regulations, aviation weather and more flying essentials.

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