Our Team At Karachi Aero Club, Would Like To Wish You And Your Loved Ones, A Blessed Eid Mubarak.
Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With All Those Affected By The PK8303 Tragedy. And We Stand With PIA During These Difficult Times.
We Also Pray For All Those Affected By The COVID-19 Pandemic And Wish Them A Speedy Recovery.
Our Newest Induction, DA-40D, Performing Routine Missions. Amid the Pandemic, We Are Strictly Adhering To The SOPs Provided by PCAA.
After Two Long Months of Lockdown Due to Covid 19, We Are Glad to Be Back In The Skies! Complying With SOPs Issued By PCAA, We Are Fully Committed to SAFELY Running Our Operations.
Our Newest Induction DA-40D
Our Team of Experienced Instructors Have in Excess of 30000 Hours of Flying Experience
Our Fleet
Have You Ever Dreamed About Learning To Fly?
Learn From The Most Experienced Instructors On The Latest Aircrafts In Pakistan

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Visit Our Website www.karachiaeroclub.com
Contact Us On +92300-2034165
Aviation Open House on 12th Of Jan from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. No registration required. Its FREE FOR ALL.

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Visit Our Website www.karachiaeroclub.com
Contact Us On +92300-2034165
Have You Ever Dreamed About Learning To Fly?
Learn From The Most Experienced Instructors On The Latest Aircrafts In Pakistan

January Session Starts on 20th January For:
• Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Flight Instructors Course

#karachiaeroclub #KAC #CommercialPilot #InstrumentRating #aviation #aircraft #DA40D #Diamondstar

Visit Our Website www.karachiaeroclub.com
Contact Us On +92300-2034165
Our next Integrated Commercial Pilot & Instrument Rating course begins on January 20th 2020! There are limited seats available, apply online using this link: http://www.karachiaeroclub.com/professional-pilot-course.php or call/WhatsApp: 03002034165 for more information! #karachiaeroclub #learntofly #commercialpilot #instrumentrating #cessna #pilotlife #studentpilot
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As the sun sets... #karachiaeroclub #learntofly #pilotlife #cessna150 #studentpilot
We’ve been talking to people all morning about our aircraft and Lear big to fly! Come and see us for the last open house session today from 3pm till 6pm! #KarachiAeroClub #LearnToFly #SubdayFunday #PilotLife
We’re getting ready to greet you at our aviation open house this weekend! The first session starts tomorrow morning at 11am! We hope to see you there! #KarachiAeroClub #OpenHouse #LearnToFly #PilotLife
Do you love "All Things Aviation"? Join the Karachi Aero Club and connect with like-minded individuals who love to fly! Come visit us at our Open House event on the 16th & 17th of November to learn more! Visit www.karachiaeroclub.com/open-house.php to sign up! #KarachiAeroClub #OpenHouse #LearnToFly #PilotLife
Earn your Private Pilot
Discover the freedom of flight! Join the Karachi Aero Club and find out what it
Learn to fly with one of the most experienced flight instruction teams in the country!

Come and visit us at our Open House Event on the 16th & 17th of November! www.karachiaeroclub.com/open-house.php #KarachiAeroClub #LearnToFly #OpenHouse #PilotLife #PrivatePilot #AeronauticalExperience #Dream
A wonderful set of pictures shared by Ms. Chrissy Bolton-Radelaar of her Mother Willy Dijk’s time at the Karachi Aero Club. Willy Dijk learned to fly at the Karachi Aero Club and got her Pilot’s certificate in February 1954. She used to fly the club’s “Tiger Moth” and “Auster” airplanes. Willy Dijk also flew in the club’s 25th anniversary display and won several awards. We are delighted that she is a part of our history! #KarachiAeroClub #Heritage #AviationHistory #LearnToFly #WomenInAviation
Did you know that we’ve been around spreading the magic of flight since 1928? That makes us the subcontinent’s oldest flying institution!
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The Karachi Aero Club is seeking a “Marketing & Client Service Assistant” to help market and promote their services to potential and existing clients. The applicant must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills and must be a team player. Along with the marketing and client service responsibilities, the person hired will be required to help maintain personnel and student records and assist in basic finance and accounting tasks. Please email resumes and cover letters to fly@karachiaeroclub.com with “Application for Marketing & Client Service Assistant” in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. #KarachiAeroClub #LearnToFly #WorkHere #WereHiring
Overhaulin... #KarachiAeroClub #LearnToFly #Cessna150 #Aircraft #Lycoming
Eid Mubarak from everyone at the Karachi Aero Club! Blue skies and tailwinds!
Our next Commercial Pilot Course (Integrated PPL+CPL+IR) will begin on the 15th of JULY 2019!

The estimated course cost is PKR 3,895,000 and the entire course must be completed within a MAXIMUM of 24 months (This is a CAA requirement) you can complete the course in much less time if you study hard and pass all your exams on the first attempt - keen and dedicated students have completed the course in as little as 8 months in the past!

For more details and to apply please contact 0301 2944969 or 0336 8056007 from Monday through Saturday from 9am until 5pm or visit: http://www.karachiaeroclub.com/professional-pilot-course.php for more information

Applicants must apply online and call to schedule an interview with the Chief Flying Instructor. Places are limited and will be allotted on a first come first served basis.

Blue skies and tailwinds!
Pilots really do have the best views...
Our Cessna 172 AP-BMQ getting ready for a night flight
Good morning!
When you teach with such intensity that you need Gatorade to keep you hydrated!
Our Chief Flight Instructor, Air Cmdre. (R) Tanweer Sheikh, speaking to our new Flight Instructor Rating Course students on the qualities of being a good instructor
All tucked in because of the sandstorm yesterday...
Our next Commercial Pilot course begins on January 21st 2019! Visit our website to apply: www.karachiaeroclub.com