As land based people we can only move left or right and back and forward. As an aviator you can go onwards and upwards! Who hasn’t looked skywards and dreamed of soaring like and eagle through that great wild blue yonder?

Earning your Private Pilot’s License with the Karachi Aero Club is a great way to fly for fun on the weekends or whenever you want! Schedule a flight and act as pilot in command of one of our club airplanes or your own personal airplane whenever the mood strikes. Take your friends or family along for a scenic flight and explore the country from the air!

What is a Private Pilot?

The definition of a Private Pilot is someone who flies for pleasure or personal business purposes. This means that you can be in command of an airplane for any non-commercial venture that you hold a rating for, like a Cessna 172 for example. One advantage of earing your Private Pilot’s License is that you may fly anytime you want, day or night, regulations permitting, and as long as the weather conditions allow you to fly by VFR (Visual Flight Rules). Another benefit if being able to fly with passengers. What better way to share the miracle of flight than to experience it with family or friends!

10 Things you can do with your Private Pilots License:

  • Have a unique hobby!
  • Join a flying club and fly whenever you want.
  • Fly your own personal airplane.
  • Take family and friends flying.
  • Build your own kit airplane!
  • Build your confidence.
  • Add on another ratings, such as multi-engine or floatplane
  • Explore the country from the air.
  • Learn aerobatics!