Have you always dreamed of owning your own airplane but are unsure about how to handle the hangar facilities and maintenance?

The Karachi Aero Club’s Aircraft Management Service takes the hassle and headache out of owning your own airplane. We’ve been helping people acquire and maintain their own aircraft since 1928. This full service turnkey solution encompasses all the administrative, regulatory and operational details of aircraft ownership. Whether you are an experienced owner seeking to consolidate the management of your aircraft, or a new owner in the process of purchasing your first airplane, we can help.

Our hangar facilities provide plenty of square footage for most single and twin engine aircraft management. Our team of qualified engineers will also ensure that your aircraft is maintained as per CAA requirements and is airworthy at all times. We can even provide qualified safety pilots to accompany you on your flights if required.

Our private aircraft management service allows you to retain full usage of your own aircraft and enjoy the benefits of ownership; you handle the flying; we’ll take care of the rest!

Our Aircraft Management Service can provide:

  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Staffing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Flight Coordination
  • Fueling
  • Hangar Facilities
  • Fueling
  • Hangar Facilities
  • Flight Operations
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection