Air Experience

If you think you may be interested in learning to fly, come and have a “hands-on the controls” experience of flying an airplane!

We do not conduct air experiences from the rear seat of the aircraft or without you being able to manipulate the controls.

You’ll fly on a one to one basis with a fully qualified flight instructor, who will safely let you control and fly the airplane while in flight. At the end of your air experience you’ll have learned enough to say that you flew an airplane! We’re almost certain that at the end of your air experience the lust of flying will be instilled in you!

Our air experience flights are typically about one hour long, however longer flights may be arranged if you so desire. You must be at least 16 years old to fly an air experience.

Trial Flying Lesson



PKR 42,500



PKR 43,500



PKR 50,500

What to Expect on Your Trial Flying Session

When you arrive at the club you’ll be introduced to your fully qualified and friendly flight instructor and given a short safety briefing on what to expect during your flight. We understand that this may be the first time that you’ll be flying in a small airplane, and we take the time to explain everything carefully and ensure that you understand.

Once the safety briefing is complete we’ll head out to the airplane and your instructor will perform a pre-flight inspection. During this time your instructor will explain the major parts of the aircraft and controls to you.

Your instructor will show you how to climb in and out of the aircraft, and how to evacuate in the event of an emergency. Once you’re comfortably seated your instructor will go through some more pre-flight safety checks. Your instructor will check outside and yell “Contact!” and crank the engine to life!

Once the engine has warmed up a little and your instructor is ready they will signal the marshaller, “Chocks away!” and you will taxi out towards the runway – you’re certain to spot the odd Boeing 777 or Airbus A320 during your taxi to the runway. You will briefly wait whilst some engine run up checks are completed, and once the air traffic controller says “Clear for takeoff!” you’ll be on your way up into that wild blue yonder!

Once you are at a safe altitude, you’ll be shown how the aircraft flies using the elevator, ailerons and rudder to keep it in the air. Your instructor will demonstrate each control separately and then ask you to gently take the controls and “follow them through”. You’ll get to practice with your instructor safely guiding you and then it’s your turn to fly! Don’t worry you’ll get lots of time at the controls!

After about an hour of fun you’ll head back to the airport and your instructor will safely land the airplane and then taxi back to the club hangar. After the engine is shutdown your instructor will give you a short de-brief on your performance during the flight.

What to Wear

We recommend that you wear whatever is most comfortable for you, but no clothing that is excessively long or loose may be worn as it can become a safety hazard around the aircraft. Footwear should be of the closed kind with flat rubber soles.

We definitely recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses, not just because they look cool – and no, they don’t have to be aviators!

*Due to various factors in the aviation world, there may be some short delays at times due to things like weather or air traffic control workload.