“I started my flying career with aero club in 2015. With the commencement of ground classes, I got to know about basic flying techniques, airport signs, rules of the air and so forth. Three months of ground classes taught me to communicate better and become more assertive. As I took off from Karachi holding the controls and flying with a highly experienced instructor, my self esteem began to rise. The ground staff and the instructors made my first flight worth cherishing. I did my solo flight in just a little over 8 hours and that's the most memorable moment in the life of a pilot. Being a student at one of the best flying clubs in Pakistan was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I think the club for making my dream of conquering the skies come true.”

Syed Zaid Ahmed

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course, 2016

“I learned a lot at the Karachi Aero Club! The flying was good, the instructors were great and the ground school classes really helped with both, the exams and the actual flying. Since graduating from the Karachi Aero Club I have applied for PIA and cleared the written exam; the preparation for which was made easier because of good study habits instilled into us at the club. Overall, Karachi Aero Club was a good learning experience both from a flying standpoint and in when it comes to one's professional and practical life.”

Syed Faraz Ullah Hussain

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course, 2013

“I am proud to say that I am a qualified flight instructor thanks to the practical and routine training of Captain Suleman and Captain Ishtiaq, chiefs of The Karachi Aero Club, and their other highly qualified instructors. While I learned a lot during the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot’s courses, the Flight Instructor’s Rating course really took things to the next level when it came to aviation and the art of flying. Hats off to the engineering team for keeping our aircraft well maintained.”

Muhammad Osman Malik

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course & Flight Instructor’s Rating Course, 2016

"My experience at Karachi Aero Club is wonderful everyday I am discovering something very new and the credit goes to our dear Instructors they, are very helpful.Some of the instructors are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. We all are enthused by the classes. The classes are smaller here, so the teacher has more time to focus on each student. And I can positively say that the facilities, environment and the resources here are wonderful."

Sana Shakir

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course

"I began my aviation journey with the Karachi Aero Club in 2015. As a child I had a dream of becoming a commercial pilot and The Karachi Aero Club gave me the wings to achieve my dream. My initial training began with ground classes in which I got to learn more about aviation. My first solo flight experience was the moment that gave me the confidence to have command over my aircraft. My experience with The Karachi Aero Club has been excellent as they have highly experienced instructors and also a fleet of three aircraft. I hope to pursue my career with Karachi Aero Club as a flight instructor someday."

Mahrukh Zaighum

Integrated Commercial Pilot Course